Thunderstorm: Possible meteorite hits Akure, Ondo State.

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With the crisis going on in the world today, everyone is scared that Doomsday is finally here. I have read a lot of assumptions and listened to people psychoanalyze the current happenings. I admit the situation of things isn’t great and I’ve been a bit scared, but don’t you think panicking will only make matters worse?

Earlier today, at around 1 am a thunderstorm that shook the city of Akure, Ondo State, was heard. It was extremely terrifying that many witnesses thought it to be rapture or some strange being (like an alien) landing on earth.

At the scene of the event, there was a large hole that showed an impact on the surface of the earth (like it was hit by something), damaging the road that leads to the Akure Airport. With the crowd that gathered at daybreak, some said it was a bomb blast that exploded while transporting an explosive.

What explosive? In which country? Well, due to this thunderstorm, NASA, asteroids, explosion, and other things, are currently trending on social media. Wanna know my opinion?

A few days ago, I was updating myself on current news in the world with an App I downloaded, Flipboard, (thanks to Seyi Akinsanya) and read that an Asteroid will swing past the earth at 30,000mph. It will not hit, but there is a probability of smaller-sized rocks hitting the earth. This too won’t do any major harm.

From the images we have seen so far on the internet, it definitely looks like a meteorite hit Akure, just kilometers away from my family home. I don’t think aliens invaded the earth (even though I low-key wish), and I also disagree with the explosion story the media is trying to sell because they can’t explain it.

It is so sad that we do not have good planetary geologists or research institutes that can give us a solid report. A lot of things can go wrong and we won’t be able to explain. The recent update on the coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria isn’t making matters better, but we can only look up to God at this time to show us mercy and protect our loved ones.

As the situation is still unveiling, what are your thoughts concerning this? Leave a comment, let’s converse while we’re quarantining.

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Love, Sholarpey.

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