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Today, I learnt about hard work, focus, and consistency. Not what I was hoping to do on my last day of work for the year, though. I honestly planned to come in late, watch movies, gist with my colleagues, and say my goodbyes for the year.

Earlier today, I had a long conversation with my sister about a lot of things. The major thing I could grasp from the conversation was hard work. How working hard to achieve what you truly want is important. I was still reminiscing on all she had said when I got a link to a recent post.

Reluctant to read anything, I opened it, and seeing as lengthy as it was, decided I was going to skim through. After reading the first two paragraphs, I couldn’t help but continue. The writer talked about the friends he had made, how he was able to scale through school with everything IFELAW (OAU) had thrown at him, where he had interned and how he chose his career path.

He explained the difference between motivation and jealousy. This particular article wasn’t even what triggered me to come write this. As impressed as I was after the read, I decided to check his other writeups. I stumbled on one titled “On the 10th day to Christmas”.

Recently, I have not read an article that motivated me as much as this did. It spoke to me in ways I cannot explain. He talked about his convocation, and how he finished as the second-best graduating student in school. I will tell you I was impressed. The truth is, I have always liked him because of his intelligence.

I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with smart/ intelligent people, but I love associating with them. They intrigue me that sometimes, I start conversations just to listen to their response to certain things and see life through their eyes. In his article, he didn’t sound so pleased finishing as the second best and I get that. It could be painful thinking “Oh! I almost made it”, “I wish I had done better”, “I should’ve done it this way or that way”.

He further talked about how the overall best student had been recognized more than 10times. She was outstanding. She had done excellently well, and he couldn’t but help recognize that. The truth is, when we hear about or see someone who’s best in something or has done exceedingly enough to be appreciated, some of us are so eager to see the person’s relatives.

We always want to relate one’s achievements to luck, hereditary or something that draws us away from the truth which is hard work. She worked as hard as she could to be the best and she deserved it. Some might say she probably had a sort of photographic memory or just give some dumb excuse. The truth is she worked for it and she got it.

I loved the way he described her, how hard she put in effort, how focused and attentive she was. He also mentioned how people misuse the words “hard work”, and “genius”. I have never been more enlightened about these words, and how he encourages us that we are able once we set our mind to it and actually follow through with hard work, focus, and consistency.

After this, I thought, “Okay, I’ve learnt something today, let me go back to having a workfree day”. Minutes later, one of my colleagues exclaimed at what he was watching on his phone. Me, obviously listening but not paying attention, heard my boss make a comment on what my colleague had said. Now that I write, I only vaguely remember this; “Cristiano Ronaldo is compared to a machine”.

At this point, I was eager to know why they had compared a mere human like me to a machine. I wondered what was so spectacular about him that made people praise him the way they did. Curiously, I went on YouTube to search for the video, and believe me, I was impressed! I wondered if God created exceptionally good people. How can one have all these abilities? I had so many questions running through my mind. I spent more than two hours watching, and searching the best football players of all time. I was fascinated by how amazing people were at different things.

To say the least, I now have a different kind of respect for Cristiano Ronaldo because, for a footballer, he said a lot that shocked me. The way he talked about eating healthy, sleeping right, having regular checkups, daily exercise and so on. He then went on to talk about how much hard work he puts during his trainings, his practice hours, and how consistent he is with them.

He sounded focused and determined to reach the goals he has set for himself. I was in awe, and I kept on sighing that my colleagues must have been curious as to what was going through my mind. Truthfully, we don’t know how great we can become because a lot of us are lazy. This is why we tend to call those that work hard, “lucky” or “genius”. We do not understand that hard work, focus and consistency are important factors that will help us attain the height we determine to reach.

Many of us are pretty much excited about #dettydecember and all the #parteafterparte that comes with it, which is good. I mean, who doesn’t deserve to relax after a stressful year? I just think we should have a plan for the coming year. Make a list of what goals you want to achieve and then work towards those goals.

HARD WORK cannot be over-emphasized. Distraction is a killer of goals, so FOCUS on the important things. Also, whatever it is that you have started, be CONSISTENT with it. You can only improve that way.

I’ve heard these three words a thousand and one times today, and to be honest I have high expectations for the new year which is why I’ve started drafting my plans. It feels like God wanted me to hear these words, and be compelled to share them, you should too.

I am indeed glad my day took an interesting and productive turn.


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