Power: Dynamics of Retribution on a Ghost

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Now that the series POWER BOOK I has ended, I don’t know what next to do with my life. This has to be the best series I’ve watched in a while. Before watching Power, I thought it was overhyped and that nothing could beat the series, GAME OF THRONES. Well, I have come to say that I was wrong. I love how the writers made all those plot twists, especially in the last season of BOOK I.

I’m not here to narrate the whole plot from Season 1, I mean who has that time? I want to share my opinion on the last episode. After the way the series ended last year, I presume we were all eager to know who killed our supreme leader, Ghost, aka, James St. Patrick. I had so many thoughts. I even had doubts about his death because of a general belief that the main characters in movies don’t die. LOL!

A lot of YouTube videos on last year’s episode finale had many views. I even came across one of the videos where Toke Makinwa analyzed the whole thing. Can that sister ever get anything right? She literally called out 50 cent and his writers for making the worst series ever. I have concluded that people will say anything to be categorized as woke. For the fun of it, I’ll share the link to the video below; it is definitely a must-watch.

Like everyone else, I watched the season finale as soon as it came out. I was so eager to know who had killed Ghost and who went down for his murder. The last 5 episodes were vantage points of Dre, Paz, Tommy, Tate, Tariq, and Tasha. I had some thoughts that it was going to be Tasha, I mean if it were me, I would have pulled the trigger. Just kidding, ha-ha.

Tasha went through a lot with Ghost. She had to deal with his egoistic ass. I don’t think he ever loved her. He chose her because she was available at the time, and most importantly, she knew the game. I think a lot of humans are like Ghost; self-centred and proud.

I had thought marriage was a partnership until I heard Ghost say, “I release you from our marriage.” What? Was that proof he controlled everything and she was in denial all along? I guess so. I think Tasha did her best in raising the kids, I also don’t think Tariq could’ve been better. I mean, the kids were raised by drug lords, it’s not like we didn’t see it coming. She did all she could to protect her children and eventually went to jail for one of them. A not-so-perfect but loving mother.

Tariq! In as much most of us hated him, there are many people out there that are just like him. Most families even have a Tariq, the rebellious child that never changes for better. Tasha knew she tried really hard to give him a good life. Sooner than later, she accepted who he wanted to be and decided to teach him all she knew.

I read some articles where people blamed her for being a terrible parent and blah blah blah, but ask yourself this; If you were in her position, what would you have done? I think we’re all hypocrites looking to point to others for our own mistakes, which was what Ghost did. Tariq had so much hatred for his father which gave him enough reason to kill him. Ghost was more than ready to let his own son go to jail after all he had promised Tasha and Tariq. How intoxicating can power be?

Ghost leaves his wife and kids for someone they never knew, and he expects them to be cool with it? How selfish is that guy though? The moment he saw his club flourishing, he realized he could have more, and so became drunk in power. We saw the way he was praising himself for all his accomplishments, and right there I knew all that was left for him was doom.

I had mixed feelings about Dre’s death. We were all tired of how bad he snitched, but I was sad because he wanted so badly to give his daughter the life he never had. I don’t think he would’ve been able to give her that, and even if he did, she just might’ve turned out to be Tariq 2.0.

Governor Tate was a lucky man. I can’t wait to see how things turn out for him in BOOK II. Paz might try to find Tommy and kill him. I’m happy she at least got some money to take care of her family. I honestly don’t understand why Sax is still alive because he gave everyone trouble wherever he went. I’d love to see how things turn out for him in the next chapter.

My favorite character was Tommy. He eventually realized that Ghost didn’t do any of the things he claimed and even wanted to fix their friendship. Unfortunately, he didn’t get there in time to save his friend. I don’t think he will ever have a life outside of drugs, and he’ll most definitely kill more people in the chapters to come. But yeah, he was an awesome villain. He’ll always be my favorite.

This is by far the best ending to any TV series I’ve seen. They go further to show us an epilogue of when Ghost, Tommy, and Angie were in high school. It made me teary seeing that Ghost wanted a better life, but he made terrible decisions to have that. By the time he wanted out, it was too late. He had made too many enemies who wanted him dead. It makes me wonder how one mistake can change your life forever.

That being said, I am seriously anticipating POWER BOOK II: GHOST, and I hope it is twice as interesting as BOOK I was. All claps for everyone who made the series worthwhile.

What are your opinions about the series? Do you think it could’ve ended better? Are you convinced that Ghost is really dead? Most importantly, who was your favorite character?

To watch Toke’s video on #WhoShotGhost, click here.


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