Fiery Funnel

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On a sunny afternoon, she decided to take a break and watch YouTube videos, after she had gotten some work done. This is one of the ways she unwinds and gets herself in order before continuing with work. She was watching one of Kylie’s videos when her mind wandered.

She thought about the Sidney Sheldon book she was yet to complete. She wondered who the perpetrator in the book was. Soon after, her thoughts rested on the conversation she had with her friend, Tolu, the previous night. She contemplated whether or not to let her hurts go, or make a big deal and lash out.

While she was still in her reverie, a usual face at the office walked past her desk. Bola, as usual, had come to the office to see the boss, Mr. Biodun. She immediately wore a displeasing look at the sight. For some reason, she didn’t like Bola very much, and she knew that the atmosphere was about to change.

Now back to what she was doing, her earphones plugged in, she became engrossed in Kylie’s makeup tutorial. Unexpectedly, she heard someone blare her name, and wondered what the fuss was about.

She unplugged her earphones to understand what was happening, and looked to see Bola standing at a distance from her. She listened to Bola talk to her in a rude manner about her being a snub.

Hearing her say these, she wasn’t surprised something like that was coming from Bola. She wasn’t even angry that she was spoken to that way, she had always known Bola to be that type of person. She feels, for a fact, that she can read people after a few conversations with them, and this incident only justified her verdict.

She was hurt because her co-workers had to witness the drama. To worsen the situation, Mr. Biodun raised his voice in support of Bola. At this point, she couldn’t hold herself back so she responded without regard in her bid to explain that the fault was not with her but Bola.

When she realized that all she was saying was not making the situation better, she thought best to be quiet and continue with her work.

Hurt by the way things had gone south, she decided to take her mind off it by checking in on one of her job applications. Little did she know that the devil was out to frustrate her that day.

She sent an e-mail to one of the staff, and asked if she was still being considered. Remembering that the interview was not so pleasant, she crossed her fingers and hoped for some good news.

In response to the mail, the man replied, “Let me help you for relationship sake. Dear sir…”. The man had written a whole exhortation on how she could have written the message better and said nothing about the job.

His words lingered in her head, certain they were going to explode. She immediately sent an apology text to explain herself and clear the air. She couldn’t help but wonder how her day went from watching YouTube videos to this.

As she tried to retrace her steps back to where she might have missed it, she spoke with one of her colleagues who was nice to give her advice. Painful as the whole incident might seem, it motivated her to work harder, be better at her job, and reach the heights she will be recognized and respected.

She assured herself that though things might look dark now, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.


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