Elms Court Apartment – An Hospitable Oasis

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Some weeks ago, I posted a picture of myself in an apartment and got so many messages from friends asking where I was. After replying a lot of those messages, I decided to write an article, giving detailed information about the place.

In preparation for our graduation, my friend and I decided to travel the weekend before the ceremony to relax, catch up, and have fun together. I suggested it would be nice to rent an apartment for the night to have one of those ‘Girls Trip’ nights which we’d never had. We were excited about travelling together as we had also never done that before, and I dread traveling alone.

When we embarked on the journey, we had fun talking and eating that we didn’t notice when we arrived at the park. In less than ten minutes, we got to the apartment we wanted to lodge at. Elms Court Apartments is a luxury, duplex, service apartment in Abeokuta, Ogun State, that feels like home. It is a serene environment with a top-notch security, and an architecture to die for.

We entered the apartment to unpack, and we were amazed by how warm it was. The interior design was state of the art with happy colors that it was impossible to feel sad in the house. We walked in to the living room, which lead directly to the dining area. There were mini tables, antiques, and arts perfectly placed around, and they were all impressive. There was also a mini bar in the room which had expensive drinks that our broke ass stayed away from. Ha-ha!

The dining area had all the utensils needed to cook, and all that left was to buy foodstuff. They were also nice enough to put a first-aid box in case of any emergency. The living room had in it a guest toilet, while the dining had a door that lead to the back of the apartment.

Right behind the living room was a stairway which lead to the bed rooms. As we approached the stairs, the lights became dim, which was very cool. There were two rooms, one master bedroom, and the other, a regular guest room. The bedrooms had fancy chairs that were comfortable to relax in. They also had medium-sized tables with drawers to keep a few things. The wardrobes were so big that my friend and I could fit in conveniently. The bathrooms were beautifully designed for proper comfort which I loved.

The guest room had a mini balcony to stay in when sunlight and natural air is needed. I was most fascinated by the arts. I had to ask my friend where she thought they could’ve purchased those incredible arts from considering that we recently toured Nike Art Gallery together, and we sort of fell in love with art. After that, I had to write an article to share my experience with everyone.

I loved the apartment a lot because it was all I expected and more. We wished we could’ve stayed longer than we did and made more memories together, but yeah, we did have our fun. So, if you’re in Abeokuta, and need a place to lodge for a few days, Elms Court Apartment is highly recommended. You can as well take your loved one there this Valentine.

The most amazing part is that it is affordable. My friend and I are definitely going to be back there soon. That comfort is worth every penny. We were sad to leave, but glad we have that memory together.

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