Boom Boom by Jude Idada: A Book Review

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“Boom Boom is both educative and entertaining. Written in a down to earth and child-friendly manner, it is a suspenseful and hilarious narrative that will engage not just children but people of every age.”

– Halima Wali

I was excited to read this book because of the awareness it brings to us regarding our genotypes. For a long time, I didn’t bother to know about the genes I carry and how it plays an important role in my future. I also didn’t feel the need to worry about who I wanted to end up with, but with the knowledge of this book, I’ve been able to understand that our genotypes determine if we are compatible with our partners.

One thing I love about reading is the part where I get to educate myself. The truth is, you never realize how many things you don’t know till you start to read. I fancy books that are both intriguing and informative which is why I was excited to spend my time on Boom Boom.

Title: Boom Boom

Author: Jude Idada

Publisher: Winepress by Noirledge

Year: 2019

Genre: Fiction

About the Book:

Boom Boom narrates series of events that happen in the life of an eight-year-old boy, Osaik, when his world is thrown in disarray due to a debilitating disease (sickle-cell anemia) that takes his mother’s life. Despite his pain, he has to find a way to save his younger sister’s life, Eghe (nicknamed Boom Boom), who has been diagnosed with the same disease.

As a young boy, Osaik was exceptionally intelligent and was raised in a family with much love and religion. He always wanted to explore and figure things out by himself. At a young age, he claimed he could hear trees, flowers, and animals talk which surprised everyone. His life as a toddler was easy, but as he grew older, he realized that his perfect family was not-so-perfect as his mother was often hospitalized due to an illness.

The night his mother died, his father and Eghe had traveled to find a cure for Eghe’s illness. Osaik, being the only one with his mum, was strong for his family and tended to his mother’s needs as she groaned in pain. Because of how smart he was, she explained what her illness was about and how the cells in her body affected her health and that of Eghe.

Osaik narrated the story of how he and his dog, Kompa, raced against time to find every possible means of saving Eghe who had little time left. Their situation became tougher because, at every turn, there was a new obstacle to avoid and a new hurdle to climb. Faced with these challenges, they gradually began to overcome them as their mother, who was now a star in the sky, guided them through their journey.


This book explores family dynamics, loss, parenthood and siblinghood, sacrifice, friendship, and more. In this dramatic story of loss, faith, hope, loyalty, and family ties are tested as they struggle to save Eghe’s life. This brings Osaik and those around him to a new knowledge of the world they can see, the world they cannot see, and the parts of themselves they never knew existed.

Lessons I Learned:

1. Family is Important: In the course of this book, Osaik describes how his family stood by each other through difficult times. His father was honest and open about the situation which they were able to face head-on and overcome. The love and compassion they shared is so beautiful that the importance of family cannot be over-emphasized.

2. The Bond between Siblings: Although Osaik and Eghe didn’t get along at first, things changed after their mum passed and Eghe fell sick. They were able to express love for each other and share their grief. Their bond grew stronger and everyone saw the love that radiated between them despite the loss.

3. Sickle-cell Anemia Awareness: This disease is particularly common among people whose ancestors come from sub-Saharan Africa, India, Saudi Arabia, and the Mediterranean countries. I was able to understand that Nigeria is by far the country with the highest amount of people with sickle-cell anemia. Boom Boom enlightens us on ways to avoid this type of illness and how ignorance or neglect can cause a lifetime of pain.

4. Kindness: An act of kindness was shown towards Osaik and his family when a stranger decided to help them save Eghe’s life. The stranger was selfless in their actions and I learned that being kind to people can brighten up their day.

5. Patience and Hope: With everything that was happening to Osaik and his family, his dad was patient and hopeful at every step. He was able to encourage his children not to give up hope and have faith that the good news will come. At the hospital, he exercised patience with the doctors and nurses, and didn’t allow their attitude to weigh him down. As hard as it might seem when dealing with people in general, we should learn to be patient and hope for the best.

What I Loved:

Boom Boom is both educative and entertaining due to the writer’s creative writing style which makes it enjoyable and easy to read. I also loved that both Osaik and Eghe were well-parented and raised religiously.

Personally, I loved that the book is an interesting, relatable, and informative one and I was able to empathize with Osaik regarding the loss of his mother at a very young age.

Boom Boom is both simple and deeply profound which is why I’ll be glad to read more books from the author, Jude Idada. I highly recommend that you take some time out during quarantine to read it and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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