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A while ago, I’d have never thought I’ll be one to sit down and enjoy reading books. I was not always the type to read anything other than my school books because they bored me. But as time went by, I realized the importance of educating oneself daily and growing intellectually.

After reading a few books these past months, I decided to pick a book every month to read, share, and write a review at the end of each month. I presume it’ll be fun, and may one way or the other, motivate you to read more. I also figured I should start from March since there’s still a lot of time to dive into the book for proper understanding.

The book of the month, recommended by a friend and co-worker, is titled “Boom Boom by Jude Idada”, and it talks about an eight-year-old named Osaik, who has to race against time to save his little sister, Eghe, from an enfeebling disease that took their mother’s life. It is not an easy race because, at every turn, there is a new obstacle to avoid and a new hurdle to climb.

The author, Jude Idada, is a director, producer, actor, and writer. He is the winner of the Best Screenplay award at the African Movie Academy Awards for his multi-award-winning film, “The Tenant” and the Association of Nigerian Authors Best Drama Price for his play, “Oduduwa – King of the Edos”; among others.

He has published other books including the children’s book, “Didi Kanu and the Singing Dwarfs of the North.” You can visit his website to see more.

I’m excited to start this new journey and share my opinions with you. If you’ve read this book, you can share your review in the comment section below.

Are you reading any book this month? Let us know the title and maybe, recommend books to read for the coming months. Thank you!

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